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FROGGER GOLF Brush Pro Replacement Brush Heads

FROGGER GOLF Brush Pro Replacement Brush Heads

Brush Pro Replacement Brush Heads
Price: $5.95

Brush Head Replacements
Why replace the whole tool? Stay green and save some green…
Original Frogger replacement brush heads allow you to refresh your BrushPro’s performance with a combination nylon/phosphorous bronze brush, along with 100% Nylon brushes for forged clubs.

Replaceable Brush Heads are cost effective and easier on the environment.

Brushes wear out with use and become less effective. Instead of purchasing an entirely new product, simply purchase cost effective brush head replacements.

  • Revolutionary Combo Bristles – Interior phosphorous bronze and exterior nylon bristles are hard on dirt and grass, but easy on clubs, towels, clothes and fingers!
  • 100% Nylon Brush Heads are Nylon like never before, perfect for use on forged clubs.
  • Free Attachable Brush Head Holder
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